Schuler Scientific offers precision laboratory instruments and equipment from some of the world’s leading manufacturers. We select products and primary components of the highest quality and workmanship, and perform final assembly and rigorous quality control at our modern facility in Englewood, Colorado.

Throughout the manufacturing process, we work closely with our suppliers to establish the features and performance criteria that match the expectations of our global customers. Electrochemistry instruments are paired with superior electrodes and probes from established manufacturers in Europe, Asia and the US. Precision and analytical balance technologies are likewise matched with Schuler Scientific’s broad experience in product R&D, metrology and manufacturing excellence. 

All Schuler products are supported by a team of professionals who share a verifiable track record of excellence with regard to customer service and satisfaction. Distributor sales representatives who actively market our products on a daily basis, are supported by one of the most highly regarded service teams in our industry. 

Quality products and components, are sourced from the’ best of the best’ suppliers. Rigorous final assembly and quality control are added to the instruments at our facility in Colorado. And, our global customers and sales representatives are supported by an experienced team of professionals who have a passion for getting it right the first time. It’s what we do every day at Schuler Scientific!

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